Country : India | Languages : Marathi,Hindi,English | Best Season : October to March

General Info

A proud cosmopolitan city titled as Indias most prospered and prospering city had a change in what it is used to be called, but currently, it is called as Mumbai. Filled with people with brimming in riches it is also the wealthiest city in India along with being the most populous city. The urban and rural areas are common in any place, but even to get a place in rural Mumbai can put a hole in your pockets.

The export and imports from sea routes to Mumbai greatly contribute to the Indian economy. Folks here live side by side happily without the interference of communal feelings, now it even got a new identity in the eyes of world "Alpha World City". Stop at famous "Thief Bazaar" where treasure can be found in Trash. Land in our website to grab a deal to view these treasures.


Mumbai city is the initiator of many things starting from First Railway Station to First Airport in India. Tata Group founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata is the first to own a car in India. The city has 149 meters of coastline. The Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link connecting Bandra–Worli is a stunner in looks and architecture.

Dabbawallas still travel on their bicycles to supply Food boxes to offices and shops. Indias biggest theme park Imagica is located near Mumbai. Mumbai used to be an island among the 7 islands and it is given as a royal dowry to Charles II. After this, the 7 islands are collaborated and connected to form the city now and is first named as Bombay which means "Good Bay". To build a house in slum Dharavi you need 3 lakhs, shocked by hearing the amount?  Yes, you heard it right because Dharavi is the costliest slum in Asia along with being the largest one. To protect Mumbai from terrorist attacks a Special Commando force named "Force one" is always present in Mumbai. Mumbai is the core of Bollywood. 

Inspired by Atlantic Island Multi billionaire Mukesh Ambani named his 1 billion home Antilia. Indian railways carry more passengers than actually, it should carry, causing many mishaps. Festivals are celebrated on large scale Ganesh Chaturthi, Dahi handi and more. 


1.Taj Mahal Palace and Tower: Labeled as one of the oldest and most sought out hotels in Mumbai it is seated next to Gateway of India. With 514 hotel rooms and 46 suites and two wings, it must be really hard to manage, but you will never notice even a small hitch in their management. Not only celebrities but normal people can also visit for dinner or drink but can be little pricey.

Go and have a look of "The Gateway of India" if you stay in Taj.

2.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station: Serving as a base for operations for the Central railway, it is busy all the time. Gothic, Victorian, Classic all in a mix is the style of the station and is eye catching. Placed on the list of  UNESCO World Heritage Site, the station is named on great Emperor Chatrapathi Shivaji. 

Churchgate Station, Asiatic library steps for book lovers, Elephanta Caves, Kanheri Caves are fewer places you may get interested to pay a visit.

3.Mumba Devi Temple: Praying in Mumba Devi Temple makes you feel light in mind and soul at the temple, even the surroundings are full of hustle bustle. On the name of Mother Goddess Mumba, it is said the name Mumbai is derived. 

Mount Mary Church, Haji Ali, Siddi Vinayak temple are other religious places to submit your prayers.

4.Nehru Center: Nehru Planetarium showcases study in astronomy, Discovering India, Performances in Cultural wing etc., you can further unwind what it bestows upon when you visit the place.

Give a peek at this interesting places CST Heritage Gallery, Haffkine Museum, Permanent Judicial Museum etc.,


A city that never sleeps, full of parties all night, people follow their dreams and the sudden appearance of celebrities all these can be possible only in one place i.e., Mumbai. Some of the places for partygoers are Blue Frog is where you dance for EDM to Bollywood music, Marine Drive a hangout spot, No words to explain the view of the Mumbai from the rooftop of AER in Four Seasons Hotel, late night movie at  Metro or Regal are mind blowing experiences.

Does your heart long for an adventure? Then lead your gang for a mid night ride, go Parasailing in Mumbai as it happens at night and it is a nerve wrecking experience, ride on empty roads to breathe some air. If you have a sweet tooth, then drop at the bakery to eat K Rustom’s Ice Cream. At the end enjoy, but have your spark and mind at the end of the party.


Mumbai is a large place to travel and you find eatables almost at the end of every street, So why don't you try them a little?. Mumbai is a major port for exports and imports from the past to present, due to this the food here is leavened by British, Portuguese, sultans, more so by natives of Mumbai Koli fisherman. 

Economical cum tasty food is available in Colaba, onlookers especially foreign visitors are objective of these shops. Vada pav an Indian burger, Panipuri and Bhelpuri filled with curry and sausages, a look Pav bhaji prepared with vegetables look at them will make you ravenous, so what are you waiting for? have your fill of food.

A foodie can never get satisfied until he explores a diversity in food. Seafood varieties Mangolorean, Goan, Malvani, Trishna, Ladyfish, pomfret etc., appeases that diversity.Patrons surround Bade Miyan to grab a bite of their famous kebabs, meat items.


1.Red Carpet Wax Museum: Filled with wax statues of celebrities, well-renowned people on different background themes click pics with your favorite personalities. They provide professional photographers and even accessories to imitate your favorite star. Situated in R City Mall the fair is reasonable and staff here are attentive.

2.Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden: Named on the creator's family in his family land, more than 130 varieties of butterflies made this place as their home land. The place is full of gardens and trees to attract creatures.This experience is available only on Sundays until noon. 

3.Imagica: On the top of being the largest theme park in India, the rides are terrific.The most enjoyable rides are Scream Machine, Splash Ahoy, Gold Rush express, Curse of Salimgarh etc., Everything is well maintained and no needs to have doubts regarding the hygiene of the place.

4.Helicopter Joy Ride: Joy ride is little expensive, but the experience is worth the cost.

5.Sailing in Mumbai: Feel the cool breeze mingled with the salty smell of sea while you have the ride watching lively waves. From luxury sailing to normal sailing boats you can get the experience of your choice. 


Mumbai is a spirited city alive all the time without a difference in day or night. Different kinds of transportation facilities similar to any other metropolitan city are easily available in Mumbai. But never travel in Rush hours, if necessary ladies are better to travel in women compartments. Ticket collectors are very strict in Mumbai, so never forget to buy a ticket. Better to buy a pass than buying a ticket every time.

Pickpockets are very common in Mumbai, so never carry huge amount or valuable items. Instead of cash carry traveler's cheques and if you are in need of money exchange cheque for cash near money exchangers. Travel in groups, it provides a sense of security instead of being a solo traveler. Beware of beggars and some vendors they may swamp you pressurizing to give money or buy something. Avoid visiting slum areas. Never travel alone during night times and while visiting bars, lounges etc., beware of strangers and someone may even spike your drink.